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8 08, 2014

CNC research project turns woodstove heat to 40 watts of power using Thermoelectric Generator by TECTEG MFR.

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Posted On 08 May 2014
By : Allan Wishart

It’s the middle of winter.

You’ve just skied into your remote cabin, back in the wilderness, far away from ‘civilization’.

CNC researcher Oro Barton, right, explains how a wood stove can be used to power lights using a thermoelectric generator (Model # TEG12VDC-24liquid) from TECTEG Mrg. A Division of Thermal Electronics Corp.

Power […]

8 03, 2014

The Difference Between Liquid and Air Cooling!

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In our last blog we discussed the issues and benefits of using air to cool the cold side (heat removal side) of the TEG Generator System. In this Chapter we will discuss the characteristics around using air and liquid and why liquid cooling is far superior to air cooling with minimal draw backs.


The basic differences between Liquid and air […]

28 10, 2013

Tecteg MFR. (div of Thermal Electronics Corp.) teams up with Unforgettable Fire, LLC.

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Tecteg MFR. has signed a memorandum of understanding with UNFORGETABLE FIRE, LLC for a distributorship with their premium wood stoves (Kimberly and the new just launched Katydid wood stove) of the TEG12VDC-24 Liquid Thermoelectric Generator. The nominal output is 50 watts at maximum DT (Delta Temperature) and will offer clients not only offer efficient heating with wood but also […]

24 10, 2013

Assumptions with Thermoelectric Generation Using Forced Convection

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Thermoelectric power generation is a growing and exciting green technology that has in the past 5 years become increasing researched and implemented as a practical complimenting technology for generating additional power in off grid applications as well as remote locations. The basic concept of the technology is to use waste heat or generated heat and scavenge a portion of […]

19 03, 2011

TECTEG Files Patent for New Water Sink Design

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TECTEG Files patent for new water sink design to Exploit Next Generation SEEBECK EFFECT GENCELL™.

19 02, 2011

Novel Water Sink being Developed

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Novel water sink being developed over a one year research contract is tested and found to be 46% more efficient than 1st generation designs.

19 02, 2011

TECTEG Signs Second Contract with Horus Technology

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TECTEG signs second contract with Horus Technology to develop a Boost/Buck power board for load specific applications.

Specifically designed for thermoelectric power generation! Able to run 12 & 24 VDC devices. Optional Charging Bar for powering PDA’s, Laptop, DvD players, smart phones.

19 02, 2011

TECTEG Signs Contract with Horus Technology

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TECTEG signs contract with Horus Technology to develop novel Battery Charging Power Electronic Board specific to thermoelectric power technology to charge batteries.

19 01, 2011

TEG Lab at McMaster Officially Finished

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TEG lab at McMaster officially finished. TEG plate designs are now being tested and profiled for performance.

19 08, 2010

TEG Lab Facility

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TEG lab facility with support from NSERC to test novel TEG design’s nears completion.

Introducing the IPowertower™ fully integrated TEG Charging SYSTEM (all you add is water and fuel)