A unique new class of BiTe-PbTe Hybrid thermoelectric Power Module is now available. Incorporating 2 optimized thermoelectric semi-conductors of N-type A material & P-type A material to form a hybrid module of superior performance & temperature stability. Seebeck Effect HYBRID thermoelectric power modules are design with high temperature bonding materials that allow them to withstand temperatures of up to 360°C (680°F). As long as the TEG thermoelectric power module is placed into a system, whereby the hot side is at a higher temperature than the cold side, DC power will be produced. The TEG1-PB class of module is able to operate continuously in higher temperatures than traditional thermoelectric power modules made from BiTe material only. The ceramic surfaces are covered with graphite sheets, which displaces the need for thermal grease. These novel TEG modules work best in the 200°C to 360°C temperature range and offer superior power output over 260°C hot side, compared to standard BiTe modules. The P and N-type semi-conductors used in these new hybrid TEG modules offer the best performance/cost/efficiencies of any module commercially available!


  • Optimized for hot side temperatures in the 260°C to 360°C range!
  • Standard 56 x 56 mm size with other sizes being developed.
  • Graphite cover both sides no need for thermal grease.
  • Optimized BiTe & PbTe provide best efficiency of both semi-conductor materials.
  • First hybrid material commercially available.
  • Unique soft contact conductor technology.
  • Graphite heat spreader sheet standard both sides.

Life Expectancy:

Based on a continuous heat source. MTTF data.

280°C HS @ 14 years
320°C HS @ 12 years
350°C HS @   8 years

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