Discover Thermoelectric TEG Power

TEG Generator POWER technology has it’s strengths. Because the power densities are very large, small Thermoelectric Generators can be manufactured. For example a 100 watt TEG assembly can fit in an about a twentieth of the space required for an equivalent solar array. As well, the output is 24 hours per day as long as there is a heat source and a cold removal side. So, actual power output could be 6 -7 times what a 100 watt solar array could produce. What is needed to make the technology cheap to operate is waste heat, which by the definition is free. The key words being “WASTE HEAT TEG power generator”. Over the last 30 years TEC has  developed  novel Seebeck effect designs for use in thermoelectric power generators. In 2020 it introduced the Rabbit Ears 100W wood stove generator. A best in class patented Thermoelectric Generator 100 Watt wood stove generator, exhibiting superior performance and reliability. The 100w TEG thermoelectric generator system is outstanding.  The unit comes with a 24″ long flue 6″ in diameter already assembled for quick set-up. The unique tube in tube heat exchange offer superior cooling on the cold side designed for maximum DT so maximum TEG power can be achieved. Heat absorbers on both sides of the pipe, use heat sinks to penetrates the flue stream maximizing heat absorption for superior power production. The patented design is best in class and was designed by a 30 year veteran in the thermoelectric generator field. It comes with a 12VDC mag drive high efficiency pump, and a custom made Dc to Dc charge controller with PLC functionality.

100 Watt Rabbit Ears wood stove Thermoelectric Generator

The system on right uses PEX machined tubes for easy plumbing and offers exceptional TEG design and versatility. The PLC can be optioned with Thermocouple hot side sensor for back feed control of pump. Example if stove temperature is below 100F the pump can be cycled on/off saving valuable power.  The PLC also has a R-232 port for hooking up a computer for programming other functions. Future options include a automatic fire extinguisher which will discharge inert baking soda should a fire start in the top of your chimney. This feature will be a first of many features protecting you & your house against fires.
Bi2Te3 is the most efficient at room temperature. Material such as PbTe, work at 350 to 600° C (702-1112°F). Both Bi2Te3 and PbTe are mature material. Their characteristics and performance are well documented and have been used extensively in commercial application. PbTe however, is almost impossible to purchase commercially by itself in module form until now.  Hybrid Thermoelectric module combining the best in class Bi2Te3 P-type with the best in Class PbTe N-Type material to form the first Hybrid TEG modules classed as a TEG1-PB series module. PbTe properties are better suited to temperatures above 300°C, so the combination works well in the 300°C to 360°C range. And now PbTe/TAGS up to 12% efficiency.

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