Thermal Electronics Corp. reported today that the TEG POWER Gen III (P.O.W.E.R) has been installed and is being commissioned at the corporate head office of PIZZA PIZZA LTD. Canada’s largest pizza chain corporate training kitchen.

The Thermoelectric CHP (Combined Heat & Power Thermoelectric Scavenger System) will undergo pilot testing over the next 6 months allowing Harvest Inc. a division of Thermal Electronics Corp. to gain valuable performance parameters providing invaluable data on operating performance as well as power & thermal performance bench marks. The real world data will be an asset to determine ROI of the system.

It will also provide PIZZA PIZZA LTD. as well as other clients that Harvest Inc. has been in constant discussions, over implementing the CHP system in their respective chains.

Gerard Campeau commented

“Based on the tremendous interest in the long term utility and rapid pay back of the Thermoelectric P.O.W.E.R CHP system, the energy savings and in-store audits predict that the P.O.W.E.R system pay back could be as short as 3 years. For a carbon reducing technology with no feed in tariffs and/or Government rebates, this would be a first for green technology anywhere in the world. We look forward and eagerly await confirmation of our initial test data“.